CO2 Monitor Interface

Learn about the components of your CO2 Monitor and they information they provide.

1 Main Display

The current CO2 level in parts per million (ppm) is the primary number displayed in large text.

Below the CO2 ppm display, the bottom row shows in smaller text the temperature (in *C) and relative humidity in %.

When in setup mode, the name of the access point advertised by the CO2 monitor will also be shown along the very top of the screen above the CO2 reading (not shown in photo).

2 Indicator Lights

The indicator lights provide a quick visual reference of the current CO2 ppm level.

Indicator Colour Description Default Threshold
Solid Green Good air quality < 800 ppm
Solid Orange Average air quality 800 - 1000 ppm
Solid Red Bad air quality 1000 - 1200 ppm
Flashing Red Very bad air quality > 1200 ppm

You can use the configuration settings to change the default thresholds and adjust the brightness of the indicator lights.

3 Setup Button

The small black button below the silver connector can be pushed with a paper clip or similar thin object to place the CO2 monitor into setup mode. Refer to the Setup Instructions for further details.

4 Power Connector

The CO2 Monitor takes a 5V DC power input via a USB-B style connector on the bottom edge.