CO2 Monitor Settings

The following configuration settings can be accessed from your dashboard to customise the operation of your CO2 Monitor .

  • Indicator Light Brightness
  • Indicator Light Thresholds
  • Temperature Offset
  • Altitude

Setting Precedence supplies default values for each setting that are used unless you specify a different value. You can do this for each CO2 Monitor individually using the Adjust Setting on the right-hand side the row for each monitor, or if you have multiple CO2 Monitors associated to your account you will also have the option to Customise Default Settings shown below the list of monitors. Any changes to the default settings wll be applied to all your CO2 Monitors.

Any per-monitor settings you customise will override changes you make to the default settings.

Update Speed

Most settings updates should reflect on your CO2 monitor within 1-2 minutes. Occasionally if the rate of setting changes across the system is high setting updates may take up to an hour as there is a protective rate-limit in place to ensure system stability and safety.

You can view the current setting state for each CO2 Monitor by clicking through to the detail page for that monitor from the list on your dashboard. On the right-hand side of the page you will see an indicator as to whether the setting change has been successfully pushed to the monitor or is still queued.

Indicator Light Brightness

The indicator lights are designed to be visible across a well-lit room at a glance and are therefore quite bright in their default settings, which you may want to reduce, particularly in smaller rooms or spaces.

The brightness setting is a value from 0 (completely off) to 255 (brightest possible).

Indicator Light Thresholds

The indicator lights will change colours at set thresholds to provide a quick "at a glance" view of the current CO2 ppm measurement. The default settings are:

Indicator Colour Description Default Threshold
Solid Green Good air quality < 800 ppm
Solid Orange Average air quality 800 - 1000 ppm
Solid Red Bad air quality 1000 - 1200 ppm
Flashing Red Very bad air quality > 1200 ppm

To change the thresholds you are able to configure 3 values - being the maximum value for each of the green, orange and red colours - e.g. based on the default thresholds above the default configuration values are 800, 1000 and 1200.

There are no limits on the values you configure for your thresholds, but they must be greater than or equal to the previous threshold value.

Temperature Offset

The CO2 sensor contains an integrated temperature measurement to assist with the accuracy of the CO2 reading - however the measured temperature will be warmer than the true ambient temperature due to localised heating from the other components in the CO2 Monitor. While this does not affect the accuracy of the CO2 mesaurement, it can be frustrating when using the temperature value for room monitoring purposes.

A default temperature offset of 7C is configured by, but you are able to adjust this further if the monitor's temperature measurement in your setting and environment does not match your expectations.


Configuring the altitude (used as a proxy for air pressure) of your CO2 Monitor is used by the CO2 sensor as an additional calibration input to improve accuracy. If your altitude is significantly different from the default setting of 55m it is recommended that you update this setting.