Start monitoring indoor air quality today for improved productivity. is the easiest way to understand indoor ventilation, giving you confidence the air you're breathing is clean and fresh.

Buy or Rent a Monitor dashboard with example CO2 measurement data.

" helped us discover the fresh air intake for our office wasn’t working and needed repairs.

The ongoing monitoring and visibility of our indoor air quality helps us to achieve a healthy working environment for our team."

Jeremy Johnson — Co-founder & Head of Product, Rocketspark

Supporting you to maintain healthy ventilation practices

Immediate, actionable feedback.

Our monitor provides easy to understand, actionable in-room feedback.

  • A "traffic-light" provides at-a-glance red, orange, green indication of the current air quality.
  • The built-in screen provides detailed information on the current CO2 concentration.
Data for decision making.

Integrated WiFi connectivity enables collection of CO2 measurement data over time to support analysis and deliver insights into ventilation performance and patterns.

  • Integrated overview of all connected monitors.
  • Analyse trends and patterns in historical data.
  • Email/SMS alerts for sustained high CO2 levels. Coming soon!

If ventilation improvements are needed the data is ready and available to support informed decisions about the best investments to make.

Share and publish.

Everyone deserves to know the air we breath is clean and healthy.

Establish trust with your customers, employees and other interested parties using's intuitive and simple tools to publish air quality information online.

Accurate and reliable.

Built on the highly accurate Sensirion SCD40, the monitor can be trusted to provide reliable measurement of CO2 levels day after day.

Sensor technology Photoacoustic NDIR
Accuracy ±50 ppm
Measurement range 400 - 2000 ppm

Flexible purchase options

To make it easy to get started monitoring your ventilation our CO2 monitors and available to rent or buy. Choose from the options below for pricing.

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  • Flexible. No minimum term.
  • Simply send back the monitor when the rental ends.
  • Includes full monitoring and management during rental.
  • A great option to trial the benefits of air quality monitoring.
  • Get free shipping NZ-wide and discounted rental if you prepay multiple months!
Rent Now - $25/month

Plus $10 shipping fee. All prices include GST.


  • Free shipping NZ-wide.
  • Includes 1yr monitoring and management subscription.
  • Monitor is yours to keep forever.
  • Most economical option for permanent air quality monitoring.
  • Buy multiple monitors and save!
Buy Now - $400

All prices include GST.

Why monitor indoor air quality?

Clean, fresh air is fundamental to life and health, and yet repeated studies have revealed that in many cases the air you’re breathing at school, in the bus or at work and probably also at home falls well below the ideal of what clean, fresh air should be.

Ventilation (replacing old stale air with clean fresh air) is the most effective and economical method of improving and maintaining high indoor air quality, but without monitoring to reveal the otherwise invisible air quality details, it's easy to overlook ensuring that adequate ventilation is provided.'s goal is for ventilation monitoring to be easy and accessible so everyone can benefit from well ventilated indoor spaces.

Learn more about the important of ventilation monitoring.

The benefits of clean, fresh air


Stale air contains odours, feels "stuffy" and leads to reports of headaches and other discomfort.

Reduced infection risk

Clean air lowers the risk of transmission of respiratory viruses such as Covid-19 as well as common colds and the Flu. [ref]

Improved productivity

Stale air containing high CO2 levels slows response times and decreases overall productivity of office workers. [ref]