CO2 Monitor Specifications

Our CO2 Monitor is based on the open source design published by Oliver Seiler of Wellington and assembled in Cambridge, NZ:

Buy or Rent a Monitor dashboard with example CO2 measurement data.
Supported Measurements CO2 ppm, Temperature, Humidity
User Interface
  • LCD screen with current CO2 ppm, Temperature and Humidity.
  • Red/Yellow/Green "traffic-light" indication of current CO2 PPM.
User Interface
(via web browser)
  • Current measurement dashboard.
  • 1yr of historical graphs.
  • Central view of all associated CO2 monitors.
Connectivity WiFi
Power Supply 5V via USB-B connector
(adaptor included)
CO2 Sensor Chipset Sensirion SCD30 / SCD40
CO2 Sensor Accuracy ±50 ppm

For installation, usage and configuration instructions please visit the help page.