For best results your CO2 Monitor should be installed on a wall in a location matching the following characteristics:

  • 1.5 - 1.8m above floor level.
  • Out of direct sunlight.
  • Away from doors/windows or other sources of strong air currents (e.g. heatpumps/fans).
  • Close to a power-point (e.g. within 3m if using the default cable supplied).
  • Within range of your wireless network access point.
Fixing to the wall

Three are 3 primary methods that can be used to secure your CO2 Monitor to the wall, in increasing order of permanance:

  • Drawing Pin - for quick/temporary installations, a drawing pin or two through the screw-holes in the top of the monitor will support the weight provided there are no strong pulls on the power cable.
  • Velcro Strip - can be used to enable rapid relocation of a monitor between rooms or locations.
  • Screws - for permanent installations, using the screw holes at the top of the case to secure the monitor is recommended. Ensure you are screwing into a stud/frame, or use plasterboard anchors.
Next Steps

Once your CO2 Monitor is installed, you can proceed to the Network Setup steps to connect it to your WiFi network and begin recording your CO2 measurements.