As with all measurement devices, CO2 monitors must be calibrated to ensure the accuracy of their measurements. A factory calibration is performed against atmospheric fresh air before the monitor is shipped to you and an ongoing automatic calibration routine is enabled on each monitor.

Further calibration is therefore not required for most users.

Automatic Self-Calibration

The automatic self-calibration of the CO2 Monitor operates on continuous basis and assumes that the sensor is exposed to the background atmospheric CO2 concentration of 400ppm at least once per week.

If your CO2 monitor is installed in a location where it will not be exposed to fresh air at least once per week please Contact Us for further advice and assistance. This is not a recommended way of operating the CO2 monitor, but may be able to be supported for short-term scenarios depending on the specific situation.

Forced Re-Calibration

Occasionally (e.g. after a significant drop/shock) it may be necessary to perform a forced re-calibration of the CO2 monitor to restore the measurement accuracy.

A forced re-calibration can only be initiated by If you have been asked to prepare for this, please follow these steps:

  1. Place the CO2 monitor in fresh air in a sheltered location where it is not subject to wind currents or direct sunlight.
  2. Ensure the CO2 monitor is powered on and connected to WiFi.
  3. Ensure the CO2 monitor has been operating, uinterrupted, for at least 3-5 minutes.
  4. Do not breathe on or near the CO2 monitor, or allow other potential sources of CO2 (e.g. exhaust/ventilation outlets) during the 3-5 minute preparation period.

Once the above steps have been completed successfully the CO2 monitor is ready for the forced re-calibration to take place.

Please Contact Us before starting this process if you believe a forced recalibration is required for your CO2 monitor.